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Malta immigration investment program was introduced at the beginning of the year 2014 in order to attract foreign investors to contribute to the development of the Maltese economy. Malta settlement programs are expected to lead to further boost the real estate market in this country.


Positions Strategic

Financial Center development, strategic location, advanced infrastructure.

Tax Specials

Malta are not taxed real estate, no inheritance tax, property tax or net asset value.

For The Whole Family

Your spouse, children under the age of 26 and over the age of 55 parents can file with the profile.

Free Education

Free education and health care. Low tax system with incentives.

Global Citizens

Is visa-free travel more than 163 countries around the world. Be the right owns 2 nationality.

Become EU Citizens

Applicant can live, travel, work and study anywhere in the EU.


  • Ages 18 and older. Prove more 100.000EUR annual income or fixed assets of about 500.000EUR. 
  • 250.000EUR buy government bonds investments are maintained for at least 5 years of investments are maintained for at least 5 years. At the same time the applicant must buy or rent Real Estate (maintain at least 5 years). 
  • Buy Property: Malta over 320.000EUR area, south and Gozo 270.000EUR. 
    Rent Real Estate: region Malta over 60.000EUR / 5 years, Southern and Gozo 50.000EUR / 5 years. 
    Buying health insurance packages throughout Europe worth 30.000EUR compensation.


  • Financial services using fee: 100,000 EUR
  • Buying property: Malta area more than 320,000 EUR, the South and the island of Gozo 270,000 EUR.
  • Property rental: the Malta area of about 60,000 EUR and Gozo 50,000 EUR/5 year.

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