Malta Citizenship Scheme is one of the most preferential immigration program in EU.

Malta belongs to 8 smallest countries but also most beautiful in over the world, this nation located in the south of Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta holds the historical background and the longstanding cultural diversity. As famous for the stone walls surrounding the city, the massive cliffs reaching the coast, the ancient buildings such as ancient citadel, church, stone roads, a lot of tunnels solidly underground which also kept intact to this day… All things created a glamorous destination in the eyes of international travelers.

Malta Immigration Investment – Paradise Living in Europe:

1. The climate is mild and warm with around 3000 hours of sunshine in year. The highest temperature is from July to September about 30 Celsius. In the middle of the winter, tourists still can enjoy the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

2. The unique Cuisine brings the special flavor in Mediterranean area.

3. The overall ancient architectural style brings the sound of a peaceful old European city.

4. Friendliness and hospitality of local people.

5. Experience adventure activities such as exploring the legendary mountain trails or taking a cross-country ferry from Malta to Gozo, where you will be able to witness the local festivals that are extremely poisonous. The bold features of the Mediterranean region.

6. World-class resort: Malta holds the TOP world resort system. As luxurious resort complexes with the architecture of the ancient Greek Palace, located on the legendary sea shelf of Europe, are ready to welcome you as: The Riviera Resort & Spa, Dolmen Resort, The Westin Dragonara Resort, Kempinski San Lawrenz…

7. An admirable lifestyle for the inhabitants on island: Maltese people have a slow pace of life, preferring a healthy lifestyle. They like to be active and participate in outdoor activities. It is easy to see that in the streets of Malta, most people move and travel by foot. It is difficult to find cars and motorized vehicles on the road. This has made the habitat on the island become more peaceful and admirable.

8. Perfect living conditions at the lowest cost in Europe: The health, education and security systems are highly regarded on the island. Of which Malta’s health system is ranked in the TOP 5 world, standing on both the United States and Canada. The crime rate is among the lowest in the world.

9. Perfect conditions in establishing businesses and doing business:

Corporate taxes and personal income tax are among the lowest rate in Europe (12.5%).

Malta is one of the largest shipbuilding industry in the world.

The archeological and marine tourism industry is one of the main key of national service industries. Every year Malta welcomes nearly 4 million visitors from different countries, more 10 times as much as Malta’s population.

As above reasons, It has created to Malta the most attractive investment program in the European Union.

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